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 Corporate business, museums and companies in the entertainment industry archive their digital files to LTO tapes for safe backup,The tapes have a shelf-life of 30 years.  The first generation LTO tape was labeled "LTO-1" and held 100GB of uncompressed content.  The current generation LTO-6 tape holds approximately 2.5TB of uncompressed content.  LTO tapes are an essential part of many companies' storage policies.



Its Great to have a back up or even 3 back ups but what happens when you can't remember the file that has that explosion on it. You could use meta-data or wouldn't it be better if you could search a library of low res proxies so you could be sure that the  footage is the correct one.

Well that's what we like to do at Base. We create a low res archive that you can search. You then simply request the Hi Res files to be pulled from the library Which can be sent to you via our High speed Connection or if you prefer Shipped.

Optional Proxie Creation

We will store your data back ups Please call for a Quote.

Off Site Storage